We are an innovation and design consulting firm delivering human focused solutions with global impact.

Business Growth

Business Innovation 

The RKS team has created disruptive design and innovation for recognized industry leaders including; Unilever, PepsiCo, Intel, Apple, LG, Medtronic, JBL, Fender, Nissan, HP, and many other highly respected companies.

Organizational Change & Workplace Innovation

We assess and refine organizational cultures, processes, structures and environments and provide customized solutions that empower innovation within organizations.

Venture Consulting & Start Up Support

We partner with entrepreneurs to integrate user-centered design into their business and technology at an early stage in the process. We help to plan, incubate and launch start-ups with the essential ingredients to generate user adoption and ROI.

Global Market Opportunity

Global Research and Insight

To design successful offerings for a globalized world, a profound understanding of people, culture and society is essential. We deeply immerse ourselves with consumers and integrate quantitative market data to frame growth strategy.

Design for the Emerging Markets

New classes of aspiring consumers in the emerging markets provide strong growth and value creation opportunities. We build global product and service strategies that enable our clients successfully enter the emerging markets.

Product Innovation

Product Design, Development & Realization

We offer efficient product development through comprehensive end-to-end services enabling our clients to realize innovative products that disrupt existing markets and potentially unleash new markets.

Product Portfolio Creation

We empower our clients through the creation of entirely new product portfolios and through systematically analyzing, extending and repositioning existing ones.

Consumer Experience

Service Innovation

We design people focused service experiences through the combination of new physical and digital offerings, infrastructures, environments and communication systems to provide meaningful value to the ecosystem players.

Digital Experience Design

We create comprehensive user-centered digital experiences that cover all aspects of multiple interactions with a given digital ecosystem system combining human factors, ergonomics, usability and visual design.

Corporate Branding

Brand Platform Creation

We create comprehensive brand platforms consisting of brand values, positioning strategies and visual systems that enable our clients to build brand equity by forming and maintaining meaningful relationships with their customers.

Design Language Creation

We translate tangible and intangible brand attributes into a consistent design language as the basis for coherent product embodiments throughout entire portfolios.

Thought Leadership

Workshops and Training

We educate organizations, professionals and students on how to create value through design by providing experience, methods and tools that empower innovation.

Social Innovation

We design practical solutions to social problems, such as dealing with debts or disaster preparedness, to strengthen civil society.