Healthcare Leadership in the A.I. Revolution

Last week Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School hosted the Healthcare Leadership in the A.I. Revolution symposium originally founded by the Figueroa Family.  This yearly event focuses on the latest trends and disruptions of the healthcare industry and as you can imagine this year focused on Artificial Intelligence.  Today, working in the design and innovation space we don’t go a day without engaging in a discussion that doesn’t include artificial intelligence, the blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and how other technologies are going to impact our future. Dr. Eric Topol kicked off the event and discussed how in the future leveraging technology and utilizing these advanced algorithms will enable Physicians to have more time empathize with and humanize healthcare since they won’t be as bogged down with decision making. 

Dr. Jeff Stibel showcased amazing technology including a microchip that can be implanted into the cortex to enable quadriplegics to control a computer mouse or a robotic arm with their mind.  His study and developments in the brain are amazing although he would be the first to admit that we still don’t know much about the brain and are in constant debate about the human mind.  His image overlays of how the human brain and internet work was quite amazing.  During his discussion, he mentioned that Artificial Intelligence is not artificial but rather real intelligence in an artificial brain which had a profound impact on the way we think about A.I.

The panel discussions included various industry experts from Aural Analytics, Domain Associates, Science 37, CureMetrix, EI Group, Dignity Health, and Pepperdine.  One panel focused on the intersection of Smart Technology and Business of Healthcare while the other panel focused on how to Apply Smart Technology.  Both seemed to come to a similar conclusion that the biggest challenge in integrating technology is defining a strategy to change the current system to embrace these advancements.  Kim Kamdar said “if the cost of eggs rose at the same rate as the cost of healthcare then a carton of eggs today would be $55.”  This really puts things into perspective when we think about how much people spend on healthcare each year, which is roughly $16,000 a person.