Amgen Aimovig Migraine Dispenser Render


Drug delivery solution to provide migraineur's with peace of mind and the ability to treat debilitating headaches effectively.

Industrial Design | Research |  Engineering

RKS worked with Amgen under their Aimovig brand to create a lifestyle-focused device and auxiliary accessories that integrated seamlessly into the lifestyles of patients who suffered from migraines. The team conducted global research to understand how migraines impacted the lives of the patients and their families to identify key opportunities to drive adherence to their prophylactic treatment to take back their lives and track their progress easily. The initial development focused on creating forms that enabled injection and colors, materials, and finishes that fit a more consumer look and feel, especially with a female bias since women suffer from migraines 3 times more than men. As part of the strategy, the team explored additional tools and accessories to provide reminders, help track progress, and support patients through physical and digital extensions.