Featured Friday: Meg Preiss


This month we celebrated National Podcast Day! Our team is full of podcast listeners and so we wanted to dive a little deeper to understand what podcasts mean to them and how they have impacted their life. Each week we will be featuring a team member and interviewing them on their favorite podcast!



Hey Meg, Thanks for chatting with me today.

Let’s kick this off with you telling me about your role at RKS?

Hey! Yeah, I am the Lead Research and Strategist at RKS. But I also like to dabble in many different things around the office from, graphic design, to marketing, to building our company’s culture. 


That’s so interesting, so when you’re not at work- what do you like to do?

I really love being in nature, I try to hike to camp as much as possible. And when I can’t be outside, I volunteer my time giving back to the design community through IDSA and SHiFT Design Camp. But my real passion is being with animals, if I could own a farm with a bunch of animals and save all the elephants- that’s what I would do in my free time, but for now, I just watch all of our coworkers animals. 


What drew you to listening to podcasts, why do you like them?

So I was really skeptical at first because I am such a physical book and music person. But I started having friends and mentors send me podcasts, and it was a slow adoption, but now I’m obsessed. I can be inspired while doing menial or more mindless tasks. They are a great way to learn about what is happening in the world. 


How did you find Girl Boss? How does it keep you interested?

I think I saw one of the women I look up to post about being a guest on the show, and so I started listening to her story. But they change up their conversations and themes, and now they have started to generate different podcasts. I think I love how raw and honest the conversations are, I am naturally attracted to vulnerability, and Girl Boss is really great at talking through those exciting or scary life moments.


I love listening to motivational moments, Do you think others should listen to it? What do you think they can gain from it?

I think both men and women need to listen to this. I think their audience is definitely more female, but the variety of conversations and guests they have on their podcast, there is a way for everyone to find the motivation or gain something from it. One of my favorite episodes is about Building Businesses around Self Love with Gala Darling or the episode where Sophia Bush spoke about the power of standing up for yourself. 


Between volunteering, research trips, and all the time you spend in nature, when do you find time to listen to podcasts?

Honestly, I don’t get to listen to them as often as I want to. I really like to listen to them when I do more what I call mindless tasks like generating social media assets or driving. I don’t have a long commute like most of our coworkers. I also find them really nice to listen to while I get ready in the morning or settling down for the night. It’s a great way to get my mind to relax. 


How do you think your life has changed since listening to Girl Boss?

I think I look at situations differently. I have always been a really empathic and quiet person, which sometimes is not great, and I think this podcast has me reevaluate scenarios or interactions where I need to be bolder and stronger in my voice. It has really given me confidence in my thoughts and turning them into spoken words and actions. 


What are your thoughts on podcasts as a new medium of gathering information?

Voice is the new screen. People want to be fully immersed in scenarios. I think podcasts have always been a medium- I mean talk shows/ radio shows have been around for decades- millennials just rebranded them, I guess you can say. It’s just evolving with the generations. I don’t think podcasts are going anywhere- they will just keep expanding!



Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Feature with Alex Gilbert! 

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