IoT Product Design for Amplify


A smart, high-performance guitar amp to harness the sound of your favorite guitarist.


The team worked with Line 6 to develop and launch a new line of Guitar Amps that blended guitar gear and a consumer electronics device. Amplifi was designed to blend into offices, dens, and living rooms so that it can be accessed at any moment. Beneath the exterior, the guitar amp is outfitted with a five-speaker stereo design, plus Bluetooth and tone matching technology. Small in size, considering its big sound, AMPLIFi delivers a guitar amp, high fidelity Bluetooth stereo and cloud technology for instant gratification without complication. This collaborative development led to the largest order in guitar center history, selling out in 2 weeks, leading to an acquisition by Yamaha.

With every collaboration, the RKS team has shared our spirit of innovation, brought an intuitive and valuable framework to the discussion and offered a very thorough understanding of the customer, market and channels. They’re passionate, highly organized and deliver results that have been more than I expected.

— Paul Foeckler President and CEO of Line 6