Our Advanced Human-Centered Design & Development Methodology.

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RKS Psycho Aesthetics Our Advanced Human Centered Design & Development Methodology

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What is Psycho-Aesthetics?

An Intro Into Our Advanced Human-Centered Methodology

The Hero's Journey

The path to empowering consumers depends on you and your ability to guide them past hesitation and doubt and into a rich, inviting series of experiences that leave them feeling good about themselves. To achieve this, Psycho-Aesthetics employs our interpretation of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. TheHero’s Journey is used to frame the process by which consumers bond with the products and experiences they seek out in the marketplace.

The P/A Map

P/A maps are a scalable design-strategy framework. They are a center point to Psycho-Aesthetics, providing a consistent lens to see the world through. By adopting P/A maps, we as designers develop relevance and understanding of how people see the world, resulting in our ability to empathize with them and their perceptions. Additionally, we find that using P/A maps trigger recall at a higher level than occur otherwise. Viewing visuals trigger recall of process and insights that allow communication with higher levels of depth, clarity, and conviction. The maps become a new shared language between us and our stakeholders.It is used to map personas, brands, and offerings against the consumer’s Hierarchy of Needs, Desires, and Aspirations on one hand and levels of interactivity on the other. Once these entities are mapped, opportunity zones (White Space / Blue Ocean) can be identified and design directions can be designed and communicated.

How Does RKS Use P/A Mapping?

The P/A Map is an essential human-centered tool