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We take ideas and turn them into reality through Design Development Brand UI/UX Software Strategy Marketing


Bringing the Big Screen to the comfort of your home.

Singular Genomics G4

An innovative benchtop sequencing platform with novel, high-performance chemistry, and advanced engineering optimized to deliver unmatched power, speed, and versatility.


In office analyzer solution that will transform the future of women’s health by enabling time-critical diagnostic results.

RKS Design

is a human-centered product design firm, industrial design company, product development firm, and innovation consultancy.

RKS Design is a top-ranked and award-winning product design company that has been transforming ideas into tangible solutions across industries from healthcare to consumer goods since 1980. Located in a solar-powered California design and prototyping studio, RKS excels in industrial design, human-centered product strategy, UI/UX design, product engineering, and software development, among other services. As a leading global design and innovation firm, founded in 1980, RKS is dedicated to providing strategic help throughout each project, working closely with clients to build creative solutions that make a difference in the World. Our agency has a great track record of delivering innovative solutions to clients, and we are always testing new ideas to ensure that our work and expertise remains relevant and impactful.

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