Ravi Sawhney’s 39+ years leading RKS to the forefront of product and technical innovation has resulted in over 200 patents and over 200 design awards on behalf of his clients worldwide and is a highly respected author, entrepreneur, and speaker. Leveraging his innovation of Psycho-Aesthetics ,a widely used Design Thinking methodology, Sawhney has developed his design consultancy into a global leader for strategy, innovation and design. Over the decades he has created many start-ups along the way from guitars to water bottles to gaming devices. However, his incubation of LoanGifting may be his single greatest contribution over his forty two year career, addressing the burden of student debt held by over 45 million Americans. Design CEO, Author, Columnist, Lecturer, Entrepreneur

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Lance Hussey creative director at RKS Design consultancy smiling

Lance Hussey

Creative Director

Ben Azzam Executive Vice President at RKS design consultancy smiling

Ben Azzam

Executive Vice President

Cary Chow smiling at RKS design consultancy

Cary Chow

VP + Program Management

Mike Elam at RKS design consultancy

Mike Elam

Director of Product Development