CSULB  Lecture Series:  Inspiring New Designers

Published on March 25th, 2015

RKS Chief Design & Innovation Officer, Scott Clear, had the honor of guest speaking at the Duncan Anderson Design Lecture Series at Cal State University Long Beach.

The discussion titled “Unexpected Innovation Through Design Leadership” outlined how designers can positively interact with large corporations. A series of real life case studies showed how RKS designers have brought innovation to new markets that corporate partners did not even know or believe were possible. Involvement from design brings a new perspective that opens up new doors to huge opportunities. This unique approach shows that greater innovation can be achieved by the application of design.


Through his career of building Brands by Design with Design-Led Innovation for many of the Fortune 500’s, Clear faced much discouragement and opposition from those who did not believe in the power of design. To this day he still hears “that’s not possible” on a regular basis. Clear uses this doubt as fuel and motivation to prove them wrong, and consequently increases their brand’s value, often times, by tens of millions. Clear shared tools and advice to push through the skepticism that all big thinkers are bound to face throughout their careers.

Scott shared both the highs and lows of his 30 years of experience in converting corporate leaders into strong believers in Design-led Innovation. The lecture inspired students who will soon take on careers in this industry to stay positive and never stop pursuing ideas that even experts believe are impossible. That is where the greatest reward lies.

“Design isn’t just about creating beauty, it’s also about creating market relevance with meaningful results.”