Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0

Revolutionary Design and Innovation:
Unleashing Disruption with a Proven Methodology

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Embark on your Psycho-Aesthetic (P/A) journey with our comprehensive workbook. Inside, you’ll find practical templates and guided activities designed to enhance your creative process.


We are thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited release of “Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0 – Unleashing Disruption with a Proven Methodology” by our founder and CEO, Ravi Sawhney. This new book builds on his original Psycho-Aesthetics® advanced design-thinking methodology, which was first recognized by Harvard Business Press as a case study and later became the foundation of his co-authored book, “Predictable Magic,” published by Wharton School Publishing in August 2010.

“Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0” extends transformative design and innovation principles, demonstrating how this advanced design-thinking methodology can forge emotional connections and drive innovation across various sectors. At RKS Design, we believe that when diverse people with different backgrounds, skills, and languages unite, extraordinary things happen. Revolutionary products, transformative policies, life-changing services, and new businesses emerge.

Whether you’re a designer, researcher, product manager, artist, or someone who has never used human-centered design, “Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0″ is crafted for you. This book introduces P/A as an efficient way to align design teams and communicate effectively with non-creatives. It’s a practical tool to reduce the risks in innovation and achieve solutions that resonate deeply with users, customers, and stakeholders.

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