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RKS is a product engineering firm based in California that focuses on human-centered processes.

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About RKS

As a leading product engineering firm and design and development company, we use our human-centered methodology to solve any engineering challenge. Whether creating new products and services or improving existing ones, we assist at all stages of a product’s life cycle. Our cross-disciplinary specialists, researchers, designers, and engineers leverage their deep understanding of multiple industries and technologies to spark creative and innovative solutions. With our in-house CNC and prototyping capabilities, RKS is a unique full-service product design firm that handles the needs of any type of project with quick and efficient turnaround.
Our product engineering team takes a design solution and prepares it for manufacturing and launch. Our expertise and engineering services include CAD development, BOM creation, CTF drawings, prototyping, and testing as well as mechanical problem-solving, materials selection sourcing, and manufacturing support. Our approach is integrative. Because we are also a design and development firm, our engineering team takes a holistic view of all projects. This view enables us to uniquely engineer designs so that can be scaled on a cost-effective basis to ensure profitability and success. While our experience spans global companies that include many of the Fortune 500, we also work with startups to engineer challenging new concepts or ideas.