RKS gets kids to take their medicine

RKS Develops An Interactive User Experience To Get Kids To Take Their Medicine

Published on February  9th, 2017

The MediMixer is the first ever interactive children’s medicine mixer and dispenser with a reward system attached; it solves a real life problem and even comes apart easily for fast washing! Working with entrepreneurs is always exciting for the team here at RKS. We fell in love with the concept of what two parents were doing for the rest of the world by taking their solution to their own family challenge and helping so many others. We were immediately impressed with their drive and passion combined with being collaborative wonderful people. The solution makes it enchanting for the kids, interactive for them to prepare their own medicine, game-ified for them to beat the sand timer and rewarding for them to receive tickets. Kids love it, parents love it; everyone’s happy and healthy ! (Its up on Kickstarter now)