Our Manifesto

We teach people new tricks. Our methodology is based on helping users learn how to adopt new technologies. Our founder worked in XEROX Parc, getting people to use the first touchscreen, popularized on the iPhone. Since then, we have developed a track record of creating designs that make users evangelizers of the products we help create.

We focus on the customer. Everything we do is grounded in customer needs. We use our advanced design-thinking methodology called Psycho-Aesthetics to identify new opportunities grounded in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Joseph Campbell’s work on mythology. These ground-breaking theories have driven our human-centered designs for decades and provide a recipe for success.

We don’t lose sight of the bottom line. We create user experiences that drive adoption and success around key business goals, whether they be profitability, engagement, or saving lives. To ensure that our partners are successful, we use a strategic approach to design that includes short-term, medium-term, and long-term opportunities.

We move quickly. We use Agile and Lean Startup methodologies to learn quickly from mistakes. Using one or two weeks sprints, we focus our time on testing hypotheses by building prototypes, testing prototypes, and changing product requirements. We build by iterating — making mistakes quickly and early so that we don’t have to later.

We aren’t afraid to say “no.” Mistakes are made too often with one word: “yes.” Designing and developing software is about focusing on core user needs and translating those needs into products that solve problems. We will never hesitate to offer our candid opinion about decisions and say “no” to choices that are not in advance of our client’s goals.

We only work with the best. We employ the best cross-disciplinary team of developers, designers, and researchers. The best is not limited to creative ability or technical talent. The best are curious about the future, think strategically, and are focused on the team not the individual. We will never compromise on talent or teamwork.

We are humble experts. We have 40 years of experience, and we aren’t afraid to throw down some knowledge. But in our 40 years, we know we usually don’t have The Answer at the outset of a project. Getting to The Answer is a collaboration between us, our clients, and our stakeholders. It’s only through active communication and collaborative brainstorming that we can solve a problem.

We enjoy what we do. Centuries of human wisdom have proven that to do your best work you need to enjoy what you do. We feel a deep sense of joy and purpose in helping our clients create industry-defining digital experiences and incubating businesses that move the human race forward. We are doing our life’s work each and every day.

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