Amazon Chooses RKS!

RKS and Amazon Logos

Recently, we were chosen by Amazon to solve one of their biggest challenges, sustainability! Amazon has their internal team supporting sustainability challenges along with operational challenges, but they have turned to us to support their vendor needs. We are honored to be seen as a leading design firm for sustainable packaging design.


“We are excited to continue to work closely with the Amazon team as we define the future of sustainable packaging. The e-commerce channel has disrupted people’s expectations of packaging as we have evolved from being attracted to branded packaging on the shelf to waiting with excitement for our online order to arrive.  The need for packaging is solely a means to transport goods safely and efficiently while delivering an elegant unboxing experience.  The selling of goods is now done via online marketing tools and customer reviews.”

– Ben, Executive VP

Jung creating prototypes for Lego
Zeke creating prototypes for Lego

We have been dedicated to solving sustainability challenges for a while now. Our mission at RKS is to move people through research, engineering, and sustainable design. With packaging, we push to be innovative while also ensuring the product and user experience is not impacted. Being in business for 37 years, our P/A process allows us to understand the user needs and the business needs while also pushing the boundaries of innovation.

“Working with a global Fortune 500 CPG company to optimize their e-commerce packaging was a great opportunity to define how we see the future of sustainable design within the online shopping experience. There is so much room for disruption and the elimination of waste, that it is only a matter of time before consumers see more sustainable solutions.” – Dean Loock, Senior Designer

We loved working with a Fortune 500 CPG company due to their technical expertise and long history of creating consumer packaged goods for the retail channel. We successfully leveraged their inherent knowledge while also pushing boundaries for their e-commerce packaging. To sell on Amazon, they needed to break away from their core competency to meet Amazon’s sustainability and handling needs.  Through user research we were able to discover that our designs were not only preferred as an e-commerce solution but also a retail solution.


With rising government bans of single use plastic bags and plastic straws, companies are going to need to think differently to abide to the upcoming laws. We predict these are just the beginning, sustainability is not just a trend, it’s a movement.  Sustainability has a huge impact in our lives, we believe as a design firm, we have a voice to lead the global sustainability mission. We are excited to have a variety of clients from large global toy companies to startups and everyone in between choosing us to help solve their sustainability needs. With Amazon’s ability to stress test packaging to ensure products can remain in their original packaging and arrive fully intact.  We are excited to help their vendors ensure their packaging can withstand the stress testing and help solve the box in a box scenario.

At RKS we believe in moving people through sustainable design.

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