Hand touching Discus Dental Nuance Dispenser


Advanced dental composite syringe to enhance usability for dental assistances and outperform the competition.

Industrial Design | Brand | Engineering

RKS worked with Discus Dental to disrupt the composite category by benchmarking and defining a strategy to outperform existing products. Utilizing our Psycho-Aesthetics methodology, we identified critical touchpoints and improvements that would bring the most value to users in a high-paced environment. The key improvements included an ergonomic handle for easy dispensing and color-coded graphics to quickly identify the right materials. Additionally, the team integrated haptic and visual feedback to enable the user to properly dose the expensive composite material. The hinged cap helps ensure that the cap doesn’t get lost, and material is wasted. The design was prototyped, iterated, and tested with users to ensure that the final solution addressed the end-users’ needs. This award-winning system of composite syringes created strong patents in the category and enabled Discus Dental to deliver a better user experience for their customers.