Featured Friday: Dean Loock

Dean Loock on On Purpose with Jay Shetty

This month we celebrated National Podcast Day! Our team is full of podcast listeners and so we wanted to dive a little deeper to understand what podcasts mean to them and how they have impacted their life. Each week we will be featuring a team member and interviewing them on their favorite podcast!



Let’s kick this off with you telling me about your role at RKS?

Sure thing. I’m a Senior Designer here, AKA changing the world one pixel at a time.

Your job sounds so fun, so when you’re not at work- what do you like to do?

It has its moments. And I enjoy any athletic activity. I play a lot of tennis, Spikeball, and soccer. I enjoy mixology and I’m still trying to make the perfect Old Fashioned. I also play a lot of video games instead of watching TV and of course listening to podcasts. I am also experimenting with the art of cooking, but I am far from creating anything I would call art.


What drew you to listening to podcasts, why do you like them?

Honestly, it’s all due to my commute. I would read a physical book rather, but it’s a great way to consume knowledge on the go while driving. I like them for the simple fact that it’s a great way to expose yourself to different ideas, points of views and expand your way of thinking. You can explore any topics you want, and learn so much, it’s pretty wild when you think about it.


How did you find Jay Shetty’s On Purpose? How does it keep you interested?

I discovered him on Youtube at first then Instagram. He then launched his podcast on Spotify. There are two big components that keep me interested. The first is the wide range of interesting industry experts, athletes and business people he interviews. Everyone from Novak Djokovic to Kobe Bryant. The second and most important for me is the depth of his podcast. He focuses a lot on the spiritual side, mental toughness and what it means to live a meaningful life. You end up learning a lot about the people he interviews because they explore topics that aren’t usually covered, and that’s where you get insight into new perspectives. There’s a certain vulnerability that I appreciate from his podcasts.


That’s so interesting, Do you think others should listen to it? What do you think they can gain from it?

I think anyone with a keen interest in self-growth and self-discovery would like it. If you like gaining new never before explored perspectives from people you wouldn’t expect then that’s another reason. There’s something very interesting about athletes and industry professionals talking about vulnerabilities that remind us that we are all human. Topics like patience, emotional intelligence, purpose, passion and what it means to live a meaningful life are covered.


Between your active sports life and expansive cooking education, when do you find time to listen to podcasts?

Well, I have this wonderful commute from the 405 to the 101 that really helps. That and the occasional lunch break.


How do you think your life has changed since listening to On Purpose?

I think it’s helped my emotional intelligence. ( You may have to get a 3rd party perspective to confirm that though ) And I’d say it has served as a small reminder to remember that all we have is now and that’s where we should live.


What are your thoughts on podcasts as a new medium of gathering information?

I think they’re great. I think people should still find the time to actually read something too as that has its own benefits, but as a platform to share knowledge so quickly and conveniently, it’s amazing.




Thanks for tuning into our Feature Fridays! Let us know what podcast you’re listening to!