Hamilton T1 Medical Ventilator being used by emergency personel


A more compact, efficient mobile ventilator


Hamilton Medical, a leading brand in respiratory ventilators and medical devices, collaborated with RKS to develop a new category of mobile ventilators that are optimized for first responders. The challenge was to incorporate the mission-critical features found on full-sized, static ventilators and repackage them into a portable unit that can be transported to the place of need, such as the scene of an accident or natural disaster. These highly mobile respiratory instruments had to be optimized for transport, often for harsh, rugged environments. The final physical design and user interface had to be caregiver-centric and include the vital, life-saving components to optimize the patient’s outcome. To make the biggest impact on caregivers and patients alike, the product would have to be ergonomically refined, intuitive, and affordable.

Hamilton Medical Ventilator with different colors

Looking at real use environments, understanding the pain points of the users, and turning these observations into product design – that is how co-operating with RKS leads to successful, new solutions.

— Ralph Teuber Head of Product Management