Pay It Forward With An Act of Kindness

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Today is Random Act of Kindness Day! Rather than buying someone a coffee in line at Starbucks, here are two ways you could help a friend, family member, or a stranger today using LoanGifting.

LoanGifting® was created for today’s youth—full of ambition and unlimited potential—and those determined to help them realize a debt-free and productive life sooner rather than later.

Did you know that one in five Americans have student loan debt?

That’s 44.7 MILLION people totaling 1.47 TRILLION dollars in debt!

RKS created LoanGifting after researching and determining how many people suffer from student loan debt. We created a platform where people can go for student loan advice and ask friends, family members, and employers to help pay off their student loan debt. Instead of receiving gifts or bonuses, people can give money directly to helping pay off student loan debt. Today is such a great day to help someone pay off their student loan debt!

Contributing as little as five dollars to anyone’s LoanGifting account truly goes a long way. If you know someone already using the LoanGifting platform, it’s easy to donate to their account. If you don’t know anyone on the platform, you’re able to search for people and read their stories of student loan debt. If their story resonates with you, then you can easily donate five dollars to their account. If you don’t have five dollars to spend and know a loved one with student loan debt, make them a profile! It’s an easy process that doesn’t take long. Add some of their personal information, maybe a little bit about their story


Go out there and spread some kindness into the world!