RKS Goes Green — Again!

RKS logo above solar panel roof


The RKS brand is bright red, but our hearts are very green. We designed the world’s first sustainable guitars, saving acres of forest. We’ve partnered with manufacturers and material scientist to develop new materials that are healthier for the body, and the planet. As champions of the movement of the BPA-free bottle, RKS launched the first line of reusable bottles that are beautiful, and free of harmful chemicals. These are visible consumer products but behind the scenes, we’ve been busy eliminating single-use plastics in Europe, reducing waste in the transport and distribution of food, helping Amazon go green in packaging…the list goes on. Sustainability runs deep in our culture so the decision to invest in solar was…Natural. As of this week, the team at RKS is being powered by approximately 105,000 kWh a year, via 140+ roof-mounted panels. Solar reduces air pollution, harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions from fossil fuels. As the sun rises in Southern California, our solar-powered building reflects our internal commitment to health and ecology.