Student Debt Service, Redefined

Meghan User Journey For LoanGifting

Josh and Meg creating LoanGifting


LoanGifting is a Fintech company helping serve the 45 million student loan debt borrowers get relief from their family members, friends, and employees. It was founded when the Chief Executive Officer of RKS design Ravi Sawhney, conducted an internal Psycho Aesthetics (also known as P/A) methodology workshop. Ravi created P/A to identify future opportunities across categories and segments by analyzing the market and understanding the users. It has been used with our partners over the last few decades including Intel and Unilever. Within this internal P/A methodology workshop he challenged the team to identify a major problem and utilize the process to come up with a solution that would address these pain-points.

Sticky notes of LoanGifting

During their research the team came across the huge student debt problem and uncovered 45 million Americans who had a total of $500 billion (now $1.5 trillion) of student loan debt and 86% of millennials would commit to staying at a job longer if the employer helped paid off their student loans. After researching the team decided to focus on a crowdfunding student loan service where people could help pay down their student debt. At first it started as just a crowdfunding service where users can have a public profile and people can donate gifts to help pay down their student debt but has turned into a huge benefit for companies which we’ve expanded into LoanBenefits. We provide an easy and reliable loan benefits program where employers can track and manage their benefits to the employees.

RKS designed the whole UX and service experience for LoanGifting from the brand identity, concept, research, and experience. We developed the front and back end through an experience to help diminish borrowers debt with the help from family members, friends, and their employers. Through the P/A process we were able to learn more about the student loan debt crisis and what pain points borrowers had when it comes to helping pay off their debt. We are proud to be helping out the student loan borrowers pay back their debt efficiently and quickly. We look forward to continue to share news on this exciting venture in the coming months as we finalize partnerships with HR service solution companies.