Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

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40th Anniversary Celebration

On January 20th, 2020, RKS celebrated 40 years of design and innovation with an Anniversary Celebration. We hosted an open invitation to our corporate office in Thousand Oaks, California, where guests could mingle with industry experts, enjoy tacos, and have a few crafted cocktails. The anniversary paid tribute to the past 40 years of RKS design and innovation.

"Design is an ever-changing landscape in which the challenges and application to people’s lives have driven me day by day, for 40 years. I fell into design at an early age and have loved every minute of the thinking, strategy and creativity that has come from those who have collaborated with us over the decades- from our clients to our team members and to our dear friends and family who forever are so supportive." -Ravi Sawhney, Founder and CEO of RKS Design

Guests were invited to make a small donation to our chosen charity Start-Up kids. They are a non-profit organization that helps shape entrepreneurship of kids. We believe the future is about the kids and like to give back to them any way we can.

“The RKS 40th was a great celebration of the community it’s built. The huge turnout was a testament to the impact RKS has had with people around the globe. Products and Projects don’t design themselves, People do. I’ve known and worked with RKS design as a client on and off for 30+ years. I’ve developed meaningful relationships with the people at RKS, and they are best in class. In the end, it’s the People of RKS that have developed this truly fantastic community of design professionals. Congratulations all.”- David Zimberoff, VP of Marketing @ SRAM

The anniversary party incorporated curated posters with images of projects, descriptions, and a handful of them to display to our guests. We paid tribute to our history from our Psycho Aesthetics Methodology with specialty cocktails like the Manhattan Maslow and Campbell Cosmopolitans. Guests were gifted Kor water bottles that featured our 40 design anniversary logo. Our CEO and Founder, Ravi, thanked everyone for coming, and a close friend and client, Dave Deslter recited a speech he wrote about RKS Design.

Two score and no additional years ago, Ravi Sawhney brought forth to this nation the preposterous notion that he alone knew better how everything should look, function, and make you feel about yourself.

To him, most design was just a mess,
So he started RKS.
From a room at home to this grand place,
He never slowed the pace.

This humble servant of design,
His teachers judged benign.
Conceived new toys, a water jar,
A new look for the electric guitar.

He built a firm that had few peers,
That thrived throughout the years.
Employing the very finest minds
In engineering and design.

With his Amalia by his side,
RKS would not be denied,
From strength to strength to strength it grew,
Creating amazing things anew.

And despite so much success,
In solving that perceived mess.
Our friend Ravi remains today,
As humble as ever…wouldn’t you say?

Congratulations on 40 years!
Love,~ Dave Destler President at Destler Business Developments, LLC
Jan. 11, 2020

We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate our 40th-Anniversary Celebration with us! We hope everyone had a great time and we can't wait to see you in another 40!


“It was fantastic to be invited to, and attend this celebration. I can’t believe that I’ve had the pleasure of working with the RKS team for over half of the 40 years in question.Each experience has brought a tremendous experience and added a new dimension to my own industry contributions and personal growth. Happy 40!”- Simon Jones VP of Marketing @ Yamaha Guitar Group


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