VGX Inovio DNA Vaccine dispenser on table


DNA vaccine delivery automation innovation to increase effectiveness and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Industrial Design | Research | Engineering | Innovation | UXUI

RKS worked with VGX on an NIH funded innovation program to develop a DNA Vaccine delivery device that leveraged electroporation technology to increase the uptake and effectiveness of the vaccine into the body’s cell structure. The drug is delivered intramuscularly and intradermally with five needles that are hidden by a shroud so that patients aren’t frightened by the experience. The team conducted research utilizing our Psycho-Aesthetics Methodology to evaluate the technology, workflows, user scenarios around the system to simplify and automate the process. RKS prototyped, designed, and engineered the Inovio system and consumable offering to create an FDA approved device that provided patients with DNA Vaccines to support health and wellness.