Mother and child after using Baby barista device
Mother and child after using Baby barista device


The perfect baby bottle at the perfect temperature

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RKS developed Baby Barista from a white sheet of paper through engineering based on a vision from the founders who wanted to simplify the baby formula making process. The team developed the strategy for the system and create proof of concept prototypes to prove out the functionality of this IoT enabled system. Baby Barista creates the perfect bottle in less than 30 seconds, integrates with your phone via a mobile app that allows remote bottle preparation, tracking feeding, and supply purchasing. The team worked collaboratively with the client to define the user experience across brand, physical, and digital touchpoints.

Baby Barista baby formula heater
Sketches of Baby Barista device industrial design
Process of building industrial design for new equipment
Five images of baby barista device being loaded and then dispensing
Baby barista device sitting on countertop
Baby Barista device sitting on table
Four images of baby barista device in action

The RKS approach was not only creative, it was objective and pragmatic. My team and I were allowed to be active participants throughout the entire process and our voices were heard. Working collaboratively deepened my understanding of our target consumer. The RKS seven-step “Psycho-Aesthetic” process that is the cornerstone of their design philosophy allowed my team to do a deep dive into the psyche of our end-user and inform key design decisions. It was this inside-out approach that allowed us to build a truly disruptive product.

— Cara Armstrong, CEO of Baby Barista