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A digital service experience that redefines student loan debt.

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RKS has designed hundreds of products for companies big and small. The team was drawn to do an independent project, something different, something to make a difference… something for the world. The RKS team looked for problems hiding in the world around us. Student debt stood out. They sought out to offer a solution to the 40 million graduates suffering from debt and the distress that comes with it. Student debt has taken the form of an epidemic affecting two thirds of college graduates in the US. Education is the future, but these enormous educational costs are holding students back from reaching their bright futures. Graduates worldwide are buried with stress and discouraged by the piles of debt on their shoulders. Starting an adult life is extremely daunting with the added burden debt provides. Graduates are trapped as they are limited by the daunting decades of payments ahead.

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The Business Strategy

These insights combined with a rising trend in crowdfunding spawned the development of LoanGifting, a platform which enabled young professionals with student loan debt to raise money utilizing their friends and family.

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The Business Opportunity

Through user testing, we discovered a new opportunity to grow loan gifting and adapt it to the changing needs. During the first couple of months after launching, we discovered that students have a hard time asking their friends and family to help with their loans, but there was a connection between employers assisting employees with their loans and employee retention rate. 

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