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Repositioning a brand in its 30th year to help appeal to millennial parents and facilitate fundraising to ensure the safety of kids.

Brand | Identity |  Digital 

RKS donated its services to the Child Safety Network to help the non-profit celebrate its 30th year of keeping children safe. Together we worked with their team to refresh the brand by updating their logo, graphics, colors, and messaging to celebrate their legacy while showcasing that they are still relevant and continuing to provide value to the communities they serve. Our job was simple, help the Child Safety Network on their mission to “Educate, Connect, and Protect” children. We moved away from fear-based motivation to encouraging and empowering the parents, schools, and communities to be more involved and proactive in promoting the safety of children. As with any non-profit, it was essential to define a clear message to facilitate the Child Safety Network in generating fundraising and establishing strong partnerships.

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Child Safety Network on banner hanging from ceiling
Child Safety Network branding on multiple items
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The team at RKS was amazing, innovative, spot-on and truly at the top of their game! The work they performed will help us make the world a safer place for children to live. 

— Ward E. Leber, Founder of Child Safety Network