Person holding gamevice gaming device designed by RKS Design


A new mobile gaming category to enable gamers to play video games on the go with physical controls and no latency.


Gamevice commissioned RKS to create a new category for the mobile gaming segment to provide gamers with controllers that integrated with their Apple devices while on the go. This new system utilized the Thunderbolt connector to ensure that users had high-speed gaming with no latency or interruption to their experience. Additionally, it provided games with tactical buttons that they were used to in the video game market. The team developed the device which launched successfully in the market and sold in Apple stores across the globe. Over the years, GameVice has continued to grow through partnerships with Samsung for their hardware devices and enabling their controller to control DJI drones for the consumer electronics market.

From ambition to execution, RKS has delivered us an award-winning solution, both on time and in budget!

— Matthew Joynes, Founder and Chairman