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Personal hydration with style to eliminate the use of disposable bottles and ensure a brighter future.

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A bottle head of its time, the KOR One water bottle was designed to address our mobile hydration needs in a more sustainable way. Growing from our successful launch of those first BPA free vessels, RKS expanded KOR’s portfolio of products into other relevant segments. Through RKS’ Psycho-Aesthetics Mapping of Personas, Brands and Products along with Day-in-the-Life Studies of consumers, the team learned that these segments were all driven by the consumers’ desire to take control of their health in a more sustainable and functional way. Armed with new consumer insights, RKS briskly developed a comprehensive Business Expansion Strategy comprising Brand Trajectory and Product Proliferation Plans that would define KOR Water’s future product roadmap. New growth opportunities were identified in four different categories: Beverages, Filtration, Enhancements and Containers. In addition to proposing high-potential product design concepts, RKS provided KOR with an expansion plan for sequentially building brand equity. As a result, KOR Water has been able to grow market share year over year. KOR Water is now a global brand launched in over 100 countries with six hydration vessel product lines holding numerous design awards and patents.

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Kor water bottle in different sizes
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From KOR’s humble beginnings, RKS has been a cornerstone of our success to use design and innovation to create and redefine the sustainable hydration category. Ravi and his team at RKS see with more than mere eyes; they engage all five senses, plus the heart and mind, to understand human desires at a fundamental level and then masterfully articulate that understanding into products that connect emotionally. 

— Eric Barnes and Paul Shustak Co-Founders of KOR Water