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Chief Design Officer of Life Technologies

Developing a global brand design language to position Life Technologies for acquisition by elevating the technology, brand, and design.

What We Did

The team conducted in-depth research in the category to understand the needs of the ecosystem participants including Scientists, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Scientists and Technicians. RKS launched revolutionary new technology in collaboration with the Life Technologies team to showcase the new global design language which created a buzz in the market. Shortly after the launch of a dozen new products that leveraged this new brand language helped reposition the brand perception. As a result, the company went from acquiring companies and a $5B market valuation to be acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific for $15.6B.


Product design is more than just winning awards; it’s about creating emotional connections between the product and the user. Our human-centered approach, Psycho-Aesthetics, helps us understand and quantify these connections. Our design firm uses it to create innovative products, technologies, services, brands, and more. We aim to create solutions that are relevant and impactful, using our approach to grow our clients’ businesses. With Psycho-Aesthetics as our foundation, we work with clients to establish a common language that can be used throughout our relationship. We found the opportunity zone for Life Tech to be a combination of a richer set of features that empowered the brand to enhance performance.

Our team embarked on an in-depth exploration of the category, immersing ourselves in the world of scientists, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Scientists, and Technicians to comprehend their unique needs and aspirations. This comprehensive research laid the foundation for our groundbreaking collaboration with the esteemed Life Technologies team. The process of developing this project encompassed a multidimensional approach.

This comprehensive approach to design and strategy formed the backbone of our success in creating the Ion Proton™ Sequencer, built on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology. Its predecessor, the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™), had already achieved global acclaim as the fastest-selling sequencer in the world, further validating our innovative approach.

All products that RKS Design created for LifeTechnologies Lined up 1x1

Meticulous attention was given to industrial design, ensuring that the form seamlessly blended with function, resulting in visually captivating yet highly functional solutions. Human factors analysis played a vital role in understanding the intricate interactions between users and the technology, allowing us to create intuitive and user-centric experiences. Guided by strategic insights, our team meticulously crafted a global design language that transcended cultural boundaries, making an indelible mark on the industry.