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A brand that focuses on bringing excellence to the field of point of care diagnostics.

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RKS was tasked by Talis Biomedical with redefining women’s health through a point of care solution that enabled patients to receive their test results in 20 minutes. A task that would have previously taken a week. RKS worked with Talis to develop a holistic solution including physical, digital, and brand touchpoints for a system that would provide STD test results the same day at the physician’s office instead of from a third party diagnostic company. The challenge was to develop a system that’s easily used by physicians’ assistants and other employees who don’t have formal training in running diagnostic machines. In close collaboration with Talis, the team developed a User Experience that passed CLIA Waived compliance standards. Following the development of the product with RKS, Talis raised $5.6M from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and $4.4M from CARB-X to support testing and launch. Together with Talis, we are taking point of care to new heights and transforming patient experience.