Inspiration and innovation become commonplace when a collective group of talented individuals are driven by an overarching vision.

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RKS collaborates to contribute value to many different categories, including: healthcare, consumer packaged goods, appliances, housewares, sustainability solutions, entertainment, consumer electronics, transportation, lifestyle accessories, industrial products, retail, social innovation and many more.

We provide services that span the entire process from conception to implementation, including: research, strategy, design, engineering, brand communications and coaching. Our solutions build on business priorities while empowering and rewarding consumers, ultimately compelling them to share the joys of their experience.

Meet the Team

RKS is staffed by dozens of professional, culturally-diverse creative minds with anywhere from 2 years to 39 years of experience. Our group of Researchers, Strategists, Industrial Designers, UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Mechanical Engineers, and Prototype Developers, embodies all of the backgrounds of its members to create a one-of-a-kind workspace. Some of these unique backgrounds include: the education of our Director of Strategy who has two degrees in Engineering and a Masters in Design, the creative tastes of our Lead Graphic Designer who was a screen writer in a prior life, the strategist who was the past product manager at Puma and Red Bull, and the Ph.D. Anthropologist who loves film editing. 

Everywhere at RKS you will find thinkers that have esteemed credentials, share the goal to inspire and innovate, and have the ability to generate results.

Ravi Sawhney

Founder & CEO

Bringing over 30 years of business sensibilities and wisdom to every project, Ravi not only leads the team at RKS but is an distinguished lecturer, author, entrepreneur and thought leader on design and innovation. Since founding RKS, he has been recognized with 157 design awards and has helped generate nearly 200 patents on behalf RKS and its clients. As an expert blogger for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Core77, Ravi champions design’s power to effect positive change in business. Ravi has been inducted as a Fellow in the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), recognized with an honorary Ph.D. from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, serves as a juror/chairman at many of the world’s most prestigious product design competitions and is an advisor to many of RKS’ clients.

Watch Ravi’s speech at Ted-X and AICAD

Lance Hussey

Creative Director & Principal

As the design guru of RKS, Lance oversees the design of virtually every project that comes in the door and ensures that the design intent is always framed in reference to his client’s business strategy. He is a consistent design innovator with broad experience gained from working with clients that make medical devices, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods and appliances and much more.

Harnish Jani

Director of Strategy & Research

Jani passionately helps organizations innovate and transform their businesses, brands and internal cultures to offer user-empowering experience solutions, services by leveraging design as an empathetic, strategic and creative catalyst.

Where We Work

Thousand Oaks
RKS is headquartered in the heart of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, less than an hour away from Los Angeles, the melting pot for inspiring creativity and groundbreaking innovation in Southern California. We’re proud to provide an exceptional, stress free environment to our clients and staff, designed for boosting creativity and achieve high quality work.

Santa Monica
Our satellite office is located at Cross Campus, Los Angeles’ largest and most dynamic co-working space, designed to help entrepreneurs, artists and digital nomads achieve meaningful relationships while building new businesses. We chose this high energy, collaborative environment at the center of Silicon Beach, to both learn from the young and inspiring crowd and help them implement design as a core strategy into their start-ups as early as possible.