Child playing in a Big Box Play


A robust low-tech system that provides children with the ability to advance through creative play.


Big Box Play was the execution of a vision that our client had to bring back the use of cardboard to build forts and play areas for kids. Building forts is something that generations of children had done which was disappearing due to technology advancements and the digital age of play.  Their work with large universities uncovered how integral creative play is in the development of strong problem solving and creativity.  The goal was to supplement children’s tablet and video game time with a system that empowered them to build their own creative play spaces utilizing their imagination. In conjunction with this low-tech offering the RKS team worked with the clients to develop and define a strategy for storytelling and digital extensions that would expand the system across physical and digital offerings to provide education and learning tools for children.  Whether they were building rocket ships, castles, or their own creative spaces Big Box Play enabled children to create their own micro-universes.  Big Box Play is timely and nostalgic, cutting-edge and old-fashioned, original and familiar all at the same time.

Photo of part of Big Box play