FreshRealm packs with food in them


A zero waste solution that provides healthy meals right to your dooorstep.

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Fresh Realm engaged RKS to fulfill a very big and important idea – to provide fresh food directly to people, wherever they happen to pre- pare and cook their meals. The objective was to find the most efficient, sustainable way to nourish people. We had to find a way to deliver the goods (literally) while eliminating the several pounds of disposable insulating materials found in other one-way food delivery systems. Our solution is the only re-useable cold box that’s designed to be returned, refreshed and reused again, many times. Fresh- Realm’s reusable packaging system delivers a premium experience that keeps food at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit for forty hours. Food is economically transported from field to your doorstep in as fast as two days! The result is fresher food with fewer preservatives. The added material cost of building this more robust, reusable cold box is simply amortized over its long-life cycle. FreshRealm successfully delivers fresh ingredients, ready to eat foods and easy to prepare meals from world-class chefs. The brand, developed by RKS for their cold box lunch box concepts, all carry forward the ethos of a company that is delighting customers while building a healthy, sustainable world.

FreshRealm inside showing drawers
FreshRealm Systems showing delivery box
FreshRealm system full of food
Drawings of FreshRealm
RKS team drawing FreshRealm device
FreshRealm systems broken down into components
RKS team working on FreshRealm designs
CPG Product Design Firm FreshRealm
Upon our first meeting with RKS the stars were all aligned. We met and it was instant connection. They got what we were trying to do.


— Mike Lippold CEO of FreshRealm