Man wearing cue wireless headphones on the beach


Truly wireless headphones with hybrid driver technology for uncompromised sound


With Apples removal of the headphone jack wireless earbuds and headphones have become ubiquitous with many players entering the market without truly understanding how to integrate into their customers lifestyles.  RKS worked with two entrepreneurs to develop a company from the ground up starting with a strategy that would define the brand and product execution.  The goal was to develop a new brand that would emerge as a lifestyle focused offering that didn’t compromise on sound quality to better meet the needs of the market. Music transcends across cultures and is a multi-sensory experience beyond sound which lead the team to develop CUE as the brand.  The mission was simple; deliver intangible, emotional  connection through the harmony of lifestyle and audio integration.  This sleek design delivered high quality sound and enabled users to – CUE their beat and CUE their music.