Durable Consumer Product Design


A compact, portable, grilling experience.

Industrial Design | Brand 

True to its brand, the ‘Elevate Grill’ takes the portable grilling experience to a whole new level. It features professional-grade, cast-iron grill plates and high-capacity, stainless steel burners. It’s the largest travel grill on the market, but its innovative design is what makes it the big winner in the ultra-portable class. Its durable structure transforms into a handle that, when lifted, folds the grill into a compact shape that packs and goes. Of primary importance to its design was to simultaneously maximize functionality and portability. Its clever engineering is complemented by a unique grill pattern and handsome geometric lines. Elevate’s brand identity, product packaging and branding was thoughtfully designed to represent their innovative products and forward-thinking culture.

Play Video about Elevate grill rendering showing grill
Elevate Grille with veggies on top with branding and manual
Elevate grill branding
Elevate Grill industrial design showing how it was made
Elevate Grill bring used as part of a picnic
Elevate Grill being folded