Xcinex Venue UI


Bringing the Big Screen to the comfort of your home with Venue.

Industrial Design | Brand | Engineering | UXUI | Human Factors

RKS worked with XCINEX to develop the Venue intelligent system to create the ultimate at-home streaming experience. This collaborative development focused on bringing movies and live events to the comfort of your home by utilizing the Venue system, which captures the number of people in the room to charge per viewer and still enables studios to make a profit. The challenge was to create a physical and digital experience that integrates seamlessly into the home with a plug-and-play television mounted solution that sets up in minutes so that you can enjoy premium content. RKS worked with XCINEX on the brand strategy, design, engineering, and technology integration to develop a premium user experience. The Venue solution will revolutionize the way families enjoy new releases from the comfort of their homes.