Solve Student Debt

Innovation + Incubation + P/A Design Thinking = 40+Million Debt Free Student Loan Holders

Published on February  9th, 2017

Its been five years since RKS identified that there was then an emerging student debt crisis. Today, almost 1.4 trillion dollars are owed with an average over $35,000 for over 40 million people who attended college and vocational schools (not all graduated). After a great Beta launch in which we saw great enthusiasm and gained many insights, we advanced every inch of the solution and have now re-launched our exciting New and Innovative Solution to Student Debt. This has been a tremendous effort of many friends and partners to help RKS incubate a new FinTech solution conceived in Psycho-Aesthetics, our 25 year old Design Thinking methodology (P/A). We hope to connect those with debt to their personal and professional networks so that people can fulfill their desire to help others, especially those who have put in the time and effort to advance themselves through education and deserve to live the lives they once dreamed of; . What’s everyone think?…..thanks, Ravi.