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RKS-Designed Guitar Stands Debut at 2021 Grammy’s

RKS-designed D&A Guitar Gear Starfish and Bullhead guitar stands were featured on the 2021 Grammy Awards show for various performances.

Most notably…

  • Lionel Ritchie’s tribute to Kenny Rogers featured the Starfish stage stand.
  • Miranda Lambert’s performance featured the Bullhead folding music stand.
  • The Eddie Van Halen tribute featured EVH’s iconic Guitar supported by the Starfish stage stand.

 Barry Mitchell, CEO D&A Guitar Gear stated “EVH is the KING, and we are so excited and humbled to have had our Starfish stage stand supporting the instrument of one of the most influential guitar players of all time.

For more info on our STARFISH STAGE STAND https://www.dnaguitargear.com/starfish
For more info on our BULLHEAD FOLDING MUSIC STAND https://www.dnaguitargear.com/bullhead-plus

About RKS Design

RKS is a top globally recognized design and innovation firm. Widely known for developing the human-centered Psycho-Aesthetics methodology. RKS has designed and developed hundreds of products, services, and experiences. Unique among top design and innovation firms, RKS has a full engineering development team and is headquartered in a 20,000 sq. ft. studio with full prototyping capability. RKS has been the recipient of hundreds of awards from the leading design organizations.

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